Engagement Rings, Dress Rings and Promise Rings

The story of diamonds representing love and its symbolism in engagement rings is a well-established myth. In fact, diamonds are neither rare nor are they traditional. A highly successful marketing campaign in the 1930s led to the contemporary popularity of diamonds and their current monopoly of engagement rings.We have a passion for colour and want to deliver something different. Each individual is special with their personality and tastes, and we believe this can only be represented by vibrant colour. Our craft involves bringing out this color through jewels into wearable works of art.

Which gemstone is right for me?

We specialize in fine natural rubies, sapphires and other stones of gorgeous color. With rubies, we have a wide range of reds from fuchsia and beet to poppy and deep wine. Sapphires also boast a diverse color palette including golden yellow sapphires, cornflower blue and violet sapphires, sunset padparadschas and rose pink sapphires. We also work with tsavorites, a very rare stone of deep, vivid green that is a discerning choice, which will set you apart from everyone else. And if you really want to make a special selection and stand out, star sapphires and chrysoberyl cat’s eyes are striking options to consider

So how do you select the perfect stone?

The right stone will draw you in and want you to make it yours. Once you find the color and jewel you love, you know it’s the one for generations to come. Tell us what you like and we will make sure it is one for the ages.

The solitaire ring

A 3.8 carat pink sapphire with a secondary shade of purple completes this solitaire setting

Not every gemstone can pull off a great solitaire setting. The proportions of the jewel must be precise and the shade of colour evenly distributed. Rubies and sapphires are generally recommended for a solitaire engagement ring, as these are hardy gemstones that tend to withstand regular wear and are less likely to chip. Their brilliant color is dazzling and lends an element of unmatched beauty to a solitaire ring.

The cluster

A 2 carat Pigeon blood red ruby with a diamond cluster and a half eternity setting.

In a cluster setting, diamonds surround the main stone (or stones), revealing and magnifying the colour of the central jewel. The most famous cluster engagement ring is Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring with its halo of diamonds.Clusters can range from the simple and small diamonds to more vibrant clusters that involve baguette and marquise diamonds. The possibilities for your cluster setting are endless and a wonderful opportunity to get creative.

Three stone setting

A 3.2 carat unheated pigeon blood red ruby flanked by diamonds

Probably the one with the most meaning and versatility, the three stones in this setting symbolize the past, present and future – reflecting stages of a relationship. Usually, the centre stone is larger than the side stones and is flanked by diamonds. It provides the main color, while diamonds on either side add sparkle and accentuate the beauty of the main stone. You can choose the side stones and give it a level of personal meaning that speaks to your own relationship.

Your special design

3.02 carats of intense royal blue with an artsitic touch of pear and marquee diamonds in a half eternity setting

Do you have your own unique design? Your jewelry is a piece of wearable art that reflects your personality and tastes, so why not get creative? Get in touch with us and help us bring that exclusive design to life. We will work with you every step of the way and make sure you get what your heart desires.