Sourcing of the gemstones

A preformed yellow sapphire about to be cut and polished

With a family history and background in trading gemstones for over three generations, we source precious stones directly from the mines. There are no third parties, which reduces your costs and guarantees authentic, natural stones. At Azads you will have the best rubies, sapphires and coloured gemstones that you desire.


A flawless mixed rectangular and cushion cut 4.02 carat vivid red ruby

As a trained gemmologist, I select only premium grade rubies, sapphires and precious stones after a thorough process of inspection and quality control. Clarity, color and cut are all important in ensuring you receive the best value for your money..

Detailed and exquisite craftsmanship

A double cluster of fine diamonds in 18k white gold completes this 3 carat cornflower blue sapphire ring

We listen to your needs and expectations and develop a piece of art that matches your signature style and personality. Our highly skilled craftsmen create the finest, most intricate pieces of jewelry that will be treasured over the years.


his 3.02 carat Mozambique ruby comes along with this certification

In addition to being directly sourced, our gemstones come with full certification for complete buyer confidence.